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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                   55

law actually occupies the same house that was
inhabited by the mctilre d'hdtel and favourite femme
de chambre (his wife) of Anne of Austria. That
Queen made a neuvaine1 to St. Leonard, whose
chapel is near Choisy and who is famous for pro-
curing children to barren ladies. Every day during
her pilgrimage the Queen retired to this house at
Choisy after the ceremonies were over; and there
is a tradition that someone came to visit her
from Ruel every evening by a private road which
leads through the meadows to the river, where
the country people say there is, or was, within the
memory of man, a ford, the only one for miles
on the Seine. They show the traces of the

The Mar£chal de Beauveau told me the
following anecdote, and assured me it had been
handed down from generation to generation from
the person to whom the circumstance occurred.
Whilst the Cardinal de Richelieu resided at Ruel,
a man of rank received at Paris a message from
him, to say that he desired he would immediately
mount his horse with the utmost secrecy and
come with all speed to confer with his Eminence
upon certain affairs of great moment. The noble-

i Nine days* prayers.